Workout Wednesday: The Bodyweight 300 Challenge

While Todd Durkin affectionately refers to this bodyweight workout routine as a “Weekend Challenge” – I’ve found this to be a plenty good workout routine for a dad of three whose main goal is simply to fight off the “Dad Bod” for as long as possible.

Check out The Bodyweight 300 Challenge from Men’s Health.

When I began this plan this past spring, it straight up kicked my ass – not gonna lie. For me, push ups have always been a challenge, and having to crush 100 of them as fast as possible was daunting. 

As I’ve made this a more regular part of my morning routine, though, I’ve been able to increase the rep counts significantly in the squats and sit ups department and have also upped the ante with push ups.

To make this an even more complete bodyweight routine, I’ve even added calf raises into the mix.

If you have a bodyweight exercise routine you love, please share it in the comments below. I’d love to check it out.